Addressing the number
one cause of ESP failure
in unconventional wells:
Sand Fallback.

Many wells produce substantial amounts of solids that cause havoc for ESP systems. ESPs will trip or switch off frequently for reasons of power failure, pump off and production shutdowns. When the ESP shuts down for any reason, previously pumped sand in the tubing will fall back and build up on the pump and in the tubing. Attempting restart will destroy ESP and cause a costly workover.

SandGuardTM eliminates sand fallback failures.

As the central feature of Multilift’s Sand Management System, SandGuardTM is a revolutionary new tool that captures fallback sand and quarantines it away from the pump, making restarting of the ESP trouble free.

SandGuardTM is simple to install with the ESP and is positioned just above the pump discharge. The clever design captures fallback sand and solids in its inner chamber to protect the pump, then, automatically self-flushes empty after trouble free ESP restart. SandGuard is then ready to protect the pump at the next shutdown and all subsequent shutdowns.

Proven though hundreds of installations, SandGuardTM has demonstrated enormous increases in ESP run times in sandy wells.

US and international patent protected.

Zero Risk – Improved Runtime – Greater Efficiency

Restarting a sand-plugged pump causes catastrophic harm:

  • Damaging upper stages
  • Putting stages into down thrust
  • Torque twisting and broken shafts
  • Burning motors

Pump shut downs continue to happen throughout the life of the well and sand is always a concern at start up.

Case Study

Captured sand is collected in SandGuard’s inner chamber and automatically flushes itself empty after every restart. This process is repeated endlessly, making it ready to protect the pump at every shutdown.


The net result for Sandridge is significantly lower lease operating expenses, extended ESP run life, increased overall production, and dramatically reduced downtime and deferred production.


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