Downhole desanding increases production for sand producing wells.

Extending ESP Run Life

Multilift’s Cyclone is designed to extend the run life of ESPs in sand-producing wells. Developed using proven vortex technology with no moving parts, Cyclone can be retrofitted to any ESP well and is deployed efficiently by suspending it directly below the ESP, requiring no downhole preparation.

The high-efficiency centrifugal action within Cyclone’s chamber separates sand and suspended solids – sending desanded fluid to the ESP and sand and solids to a ‘tailpipe’ below, preventing the sand from being produced through the pump.

Proven to increase profits

Cyclone protects the ESP from sand and extends run life – dramatically lowering LOE.

  • High-efficiency vortex/cyclone design
  • Machined from solid billet 80,000 yield steel
  • High efficiency separation
  • Packer-type lantern rubber element
  • Field-changeable rubber element
  • Lock-down swivel 2-3/8” stub connection to motor
  • Max separation at low and high rates
  • Creates very heavy wall thickness
  • Separates gas first
  • Captured top and bottom for max security and flexibility
  • Enables quick change and rerun of Cyclone without it leaving the rig floor
  • Alleviates need to rotate either motor or tailpipe
  • One size for all flow rates
  • Resistant to washout, longevity of use and cost savings in reusability
  • May prevent gas damage to pump
  • One size fits all casing weights per casing OD
  • Cost savings in inventory/ease of application
  • Eliminates logistics and costs of replacement tool on workover

is the superior product in ESP sand control.

The chart below compares Cyclone to its competition.

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